Are you renting portable restrooms for the first time? We’ve put together a list of everything you need to know! Whether you’re planning a large community event, a luxury wedding or a construction worksite, we have the products and service to suite your needs.

How many portable toilets should you rent?

Figuring out how many rental units you will need is important. There are a few key things to consider when calculating this number, including

• The number of estimated guests or employees
• The length of event or number of shifts per 40 hour work week
• Will there be food and drinks served?
• Will there be alcohol served?

To help you easily calculate the number of rental units needed, we’ve created two calculators. The first calculates the number of rental units needed for events, and the second calculates the number of rental units needed for worksites. You can find the calculators by following the links or by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

After calculating the number of portable toilets that you will need, it’s important to add one Handicap Accessible Restroom for every 20 portable restrooms, or a minimum of one for events open to the public. A minimum of one hand wash station should be added for every 4 portable restrooms.

Which portable toilet should you choose?

All American Portable Toilets offers multiple product designs and features to choose from. Our current available options include:

The Fleet – The Premier Unit in the Industry
The Fleet is an upscale portable restroom ideal for weddings and other high-end events. This rental unit allows waste to be flushed away after each use and comes with a sink that is plumbed directly to the tank. This is the most hygienic portable toilet setup available because fresh water is used for each flush.

The Aspen Reflow Plus
The Aspen Reflow Plus is a recirculating flushing unit that utilizes a hands-free foot pump. The Reflow Plus also includes a 21 gallon Sierra Forearm sink.

The Aspen Standard
The Aspen Standard is a sleek, modern designed portable toilet. It’s ideal for special events yet tough enough to handle your job. Rental units are available in pink or red/white/blue.

The Global
The Global is an extremely cost-effective restroom with a rich assortment of unique benefits. The open grid floor design allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom.

The Freedom (Wheelchair Accessible)
The Freedom is a fully ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible portable toilet. Features include lift handles, large interior space and a large, heavy duty door.

Portable Hand Wash Station
Our portable hand washing station is crafted for high-traffic events such as commercial worksites, fairs and festivals and more. They provide a sanitary method of washing your hands for more than one person at a time.

The Sani-Stand Foam Dispenser
The Sani-Stand has 4 dispensing units and provides enough foam to sanitize the hands of more than 5,300 individuals. The foam spreads to cover hands and kill germs, leaving no waste behind.

How often do monthly rentals get cleaned?

All American Portable Toilets performs a routine cleaning on portable toilet rentals once per week. If necessary, additional services can be done with a charge.

What is performed during a routine portable toilet rental servicing?

During routine servicing, any waste from the holding tank is removed and replaced with fresh water and a chemical tablet. Each rental unit is also:
• Sprayed with disinfectant
• Unit is washed and scrubbed
• Toilet paper is replenished
• Unit is sprayed with scent fragrance
• Inspected for physical damage

Are discounts available if I rent multiple portable restrooms?

Yes! All American Portable Toilets offers rental discounts dependent on the number of rentals and the location of the event or worksite.

How can I get a quote or rent portable restrooms?

To get started with your portable restroom quote or order, you can call us at (517) 764-7908 or fill out the quote form here.

Event Restroom Calculator

Worksite Restroom Calculator